Make exciting jewelry yourself

The wholesale of semi-precious stones impresses with its many sparkling, faceted and colored stones. A successful mixture as a basis for individual and self-designed jewelry. It takes a little intuition to design your own bracelet or necklace, but with time, the most beautiful self-creations succeed. DIY is on everyone’s lips. Making unique pieces is always […]

Protein chip in biology – We explain it!

A protein chip, also known as a protein microarray, is a tool used in clinical diagnostics, but also in molecular biology research and food and environmental analysis. A very related method is the DNA chip. In terms of functionality, the protein chip technique is comparable to an ELISA (short for: Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) in a […]

Wall cladding in slate

A wall, a facade must be appropriately clad in a house. Such a cladding not only has an optical background, but also serves above all as a weather protection. So that there can be no penetration of moisture in a wall. One option that is very good for wall cladding is slate, stone veneer, as […]