Make exciting jewelry yourself

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The wholesale of semi-precious stones impresses with its many sparkling, faceted and colored stones. A successful mixture as a basis for individual and self-designed jewelry. It takes a little intuition to design your own bracelet or necklace, but with time, the most beautiful self-creations succeed. DIY is on everyone’s lips. Making unique pieces is always a brilliant idea.

The right tools from the start

So that the beautiful pieces of jewelry can succeed from the beginning, it needs some tools and the necessary accessories. In addition to the basic equipment, a basic knowledge for the design of their own jewelry should be available or acquired. The first piece of jewelry can already be made quickly. But do not panic if not everything succeeds immediately. A beautiful bracelet or creative earrings are explained step by step and succeed with time better and better. Soon your own collection can be made.

Ribbons, beads, chains, textiles, feathers and other craft items are needed. The crystal beads wholesale offers suitable basics. The available selection of shades is overwhelming and pretty to look at. Appropriate matching accessories are complemented by the selected craft supplies.

A dream of a chain

Close up of handmade vintage jewelry on the workplaceWhether beaded or wooden chain, it depends on your own creativity. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to freedom of design. To be able to close earrings, bracelets as well as necklaces, appropriate fasteners are needed. Various pliers and jewelry glue must not be missing in the basic equipment.

A flat and a round pliers may not be missing in any case. The craft glue is always needed. This is transparent and can be used in many ways. Jewelry wire is always needed and belongs in every basic equipment when it comes to creating your own jewelry. Rubber and jewelry ribbons, as well as leather and cotton ribbons go into the basic equipment. Over time, other additional materials such as raffia and satin ribbons can be added.

From Fimo to glass-cut beads

It glitters, sparkles and has its very own character. Very different materials are always in vogue. Sometimes we design more with Fimo, then it may become more noble and glamorous. Many decorative elements are mixed into the creations. Important are the jewelry end caps, which hold everything together. They are available in different designs. Moreover, the universal helpers in making jewelry are the crimp beads.

Clasps are needed in many types. There are magnetic, carabiner and toggle clasps. With in the box, the important utensils, should be the bead caps. There is an infinite amount of material, which will accumulate over time and significantly increase the freedom of design. Once you have found the pleasure of making your own jewelry, you will hardly be able to let go of it.

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Make exciting jewelry yourself