Wall cladding in slate


A wall, a facade must be appropriately clad in a house. Such a cladding not only has an optical background, but also serves above all as a weather protection. So that there can be no penetration of moisture in a wall. One option that is very good for wall cladding is slate, stone veneer, as can be seen from the following article.

Slate as wall cladding

To ensure that moisture does not stand a chance on a wall, it is processed accordingly. One option offered here is the cladding of the wall surface. Various materials, such as slate, are suitable for covering a wall surface. Slate, especially natural slate, also called Stone veneer, is very suitable not only for optical reasons, but also for economic reasons. Thin Stone is characterized by a very long durability.

A slate roof, for example, can have a shelf life of 100 years or more. With a facade, it doesn’t look much different if the substructure here is corresponding. It is precisely the point of cost-effectiveness of Thin stone that should not be lost sight of when it comes to the cost of wall cladding. Certainly, a wall cladding made of slate is associated with high costs. But just when you look at the durability of the product slate, such an investment pays off.

Substructure with slate

Stone_veneerThe a and all of a wall covering with slate, with stone veneer is always the substructure. This is necessary, as the slate must of course be fixed accordingly. A properly fixed installation is necessary, after all, such a wall can be exposed to great weather influences, as well as wind and storm. The substructure is usually made of wood. Here, the substructure can either consist of a slat construction or a full-surface cladding. In order to ensure that moisture does not stand a chance in the substructure, it is important that it is adequately protected and ventilated.

So that there can be no accumulation of moisture here. Moisture wouldn’t hurt the thin stone, but the wooden construction. In order to ensure that the slate is fixed, the assembly is carried out either by means of nails or with screws. With regard to the wall cladding with slate, it should be mentioned that a variety of design possibilities are offered here. There are different deck patterns that can be used. It is also possible to design with slate, including a pattern. Depending on what design you choose with slate, you have a different amount of material requirements. However, this also means that you have a different amount of time required to design the wall.


Wall cladding in slate