Unique wood with shousugiban

black wood

Whether the design of the facade, the cladding in the interior or a piece of furniture, wood is a versatile building material. Used in various areas. If you don’t just want wood, but wood in a very special design, shousugiban is a good place to be. What this is, can be found in the following article.

This is shousugiban

When it comes to wood and shousugiban, this is a Japanese tradition in which the wood is particularly processed. In this case, the surface of the wood is flamed with fire. Depending on the wood and use, the degree of flamemay can be very different. Thus, the flaming of the wood can refer to the entire wood surface or even only to individual elements. For example, if you give furniture a very special design. In which, for example, you can burn figures, rings, circles or whatever else you want into the wood. This gives you a very special look on the surface. Basically, the flame can be done with any wood. But if one follows the Japanese tradition, the larch or the hercin is used here.

How shousugiban is done

When treated with the shousugiban procedure, only fire is used here. It is therefore a completely natural method where no chemistry or the like is used. With a burner, the surface is ignited by the wood. By inflaming, the surface is charred by the wood. Depending on whether the entire surface is flamed or only individual parts, there may be differences in the process. With a burner, for example, you cannot burn a pattern into a piece of furniture. It is important in connection with the burning of the wood, which does not damage it. Thus, the wood does not lose its robustness due to a charred surface. This is not insignificant if the wood is to be used, for example, as a cladding of a facade.

Benefits of shousugiban

Of course, the question always arises: where should the advantages of such a surface treatment be? It’s hard to believe, but by charring the surface of wood, you actually have numerous advantages. For example, no insects or wood pests can enter the wood. Also, a wood through the shousugiban no longer needs care afterwards. So you no longer have to apply wood protection, as the wood is naturally preserved by the charred surface. There is no chance of rain or other influences. This means that normal care measures and the associated costs are eliminated.

Unique wood with shousugiban